Thank you for visiting our website. We are located in Gresham, Oregon, east of Portland. Take a look at my "Inventory of Licensing Images" where you will find Stock Photography images of vehicles available for calendars, prints, web design, iphone apps, note cards, puzzles and more. There are classic cars, hot rods, muscle cars, antique automobiles, Corvettes, Mustangs, Chevelles, Challengers, Coupes, Pickup Trucks, and more. Click on "Photo Gallery-Autos-Signs" to browse.

We also create custom photo collage prints and Show Signs of your classic car, muscle car, late model vehicle, truck, motorcycle and more. A photo collage is an artistic layout of several different angles of your vehicle, along with several features of the vehicle that you want to highlight. An example of those features could be the motor, interior, dash, shifter, grille, taillights, emblems, etc. People such as the owner can also be included in the collage. The photo collages can be proudly displayed and enjoyed in your home, office, shop, entertainment room or man cave. Photo shoots normally require a deposit and the balance is due either when the collage proof is completed and approved or upon shipping or delivery. We offer the photo collage framed as well as unframed.

Pricing for the custom photo collages are:
Photo shoot and layout design - $ 200.00 plus the price of the reasonably priced print.

Another item that we offer are Show Signs. These are similar to photo collages, except that they have text/specs about your vehicle. These are usually displayed by your vehicle at shows or cruise-ins. The image size measures 18 x 24. There are two styles that are both mounted to a black acrylic. The flat style is priced at $300.00 and you would need your own easel to display it.

The free standing style has its own base that holds itself up. That base wraps under and goes back 10 inches. The sign measures 18 inches wide and 27 inches tall. 24 of those inches contain the image, and there are 3 inches at the bottom of the face that the image does not cover. The black acrylic shows 3 inches tall at the bottom. These are priced at $325.00. For outdoor shows, some type of weight would be needed to set on top of the base that wraps under the sign itself. Both Show Sign styles are laminated with a UV protectant, water resistant, then adhered to a black acrylic. They are great for indoor or outdoor use. Samples of these can be seen on my "Client's Show Signs on Display" section of my website.

Each custom order is professionally created with attention being paid to the vehicles' unique details and character. David's expertise behind the camera, along with his knowledge of lighting and composition play a role in creating a work of art. Although many of our clients are located in and around the Portland area, we also attend a number of Classic Car Shows throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

If you are interested in a photo shoot of your vehicle, please contact me by phone at (503) 936-1948, or by clicking on the "Contact Me" button to send me an email. I would be happy to discuss the possibilities of getting together for a photo shoot. My show schedule is on this website. Shows can be a good place to take the photos, but sometimes weather conditions and location surroundings make it not possible. Call or email to discuss photo shoot possibilities. I would be happy to entertain traveling areas away from the Pacific Northwest that have a group of several interested parties.
Indoor shows rarely provide the proper type of lighting for these photos.

David has had the opportunity to photograph many outstanding vehicles, as well as meet some really nice folks. Enjoy browsing!

I'd like to share something that someone said to me at a car show in Woodburn, Oregon on July 17th, 2005. Dan Knopp gave me his permission to quote himself saying..." I've seen your pictures in magazine ads and online, but in person, they're so much better." Thank you Dan for those remarks!

These photo collages are original pieces of artwork created by David G Photography from photos of privately owned cars. All work of David G Photography is protected by copyright laws and reproducing these images is strictly prohibited. All trademarks and copyrights contained on these pages belong to their respective owners. David G Photography is not affiliated with any automobile manufacturer.

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